Lion Air Group Add Three International Flights
JAKARTA (HN) - Two airlines Lion Air Group re-open new flights. Lion Air and Batik Air opened three new international fl
Batik Air Opens Three New Routes
JAKARTA (HN) - Air Batik Airlines opened a number of new flight routes from and to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Batik Air Open Route to Pontianak-Jakarta, This is the Tariff
PONTIANAK (HN) - Batik Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air Group, will open the Pontianak-Jakarta route and vice versa. "On Ap
Batik Air Open New Route Soekarno Hatta - Banda Aceh
JAKARTA (HN) - Batik Air support National Week Farmers and Fishermen XV held in Banda Aceh on May 6-11, 2017. The suppo
Batik Air-Wings Air Fly to Timika
TIMIKA (HN) - The government of Mimika District, Papua Province responded positively to the plan carrier Batik Air opene
Batik Air Increases Flights to Papua
JAKARTA (HN) - These Batik Air increase the frequency of flights from Jakarta to Sorong from 5 April 2017. The addition